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The global art teachers exchange is a 3-day weekend of teacher led workshops, studio sessions and art excursions for visual arts educators from around the world to inspire, collaborate and share ideas. Our professional development events are independently organized, self-funded and hosted by a new school in a different country each year.

Our ethos is all about sharing best visual arts education practices through collaboration using a grassroots approach rather than a traditional conference model. There are no keynote speakers, no paid presenters and no overarching themes. Workshops are led by art teachers for art teachers, designed to be practical, hands-on and directly applicable to your classroom, PreK through High School. Our goal is to enrich our practice with the ultimate aim of improving student learning.


The success of a GATE workshop weekend depends on 100% participation of the attendees--so all art teachers are asked to bring art samples, lesson plans, resources and creative ideas to share with other art teachers. We encourage attendees to also consider leading a workshop session or facilitating a job-alike forum. 


We have been fortunate to host our exchanges in the heart of some of the most creative and historical art cities in the world. Our first GATE was held in England at the American School in London in 2019. Our second took place in Italy at the International School of Florence in 2022. Last year, the American International School of Budapest, Hungary hosted 72 art teachers from 27 countries! If you are interested in hosting a GATE weekend at your school in the future, let us know! 

Save the Date for ASB GATE!

18-20 October, 2024

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Hosted by the american school of barcelona 

Matisse's Balcony in Nice by Damian Elwes

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