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Some of the feedback participants have shared about their experience at GATe...

"No words to explain the amazing experience of being with so many like minded people in one place, exchanging ideas and learning from one another. Taking home lots of new skills, ideas and beautiful new friendships." - Marysol Melgarejo, Dresden International School.

"Okay, so I'm a totally new art teacher. Everyone was lovely, bubbly and way more experienced than I am. Hence I enjoyed learning about the life of art teachers, chat about their practices and challenges, learn new tricks from them and be reassured that my attempt to implement TAB this year is worthwhile and the way to go. I also found the workshops great as a new art teacher where I could learn new techniques and explore various materials." - Abi Tomsits, International School of Debrecen, Hungary.

"I enjoyed the feeling of belonging to the group--we are so connected, know each other and love seeing each other. That makes it so enjoyable to be a presenter at the exchange. There is no fear of presenting our best practices and learn from each other. A very special and very personal atmosphere. Also the organization was excellent, I never had to worry about getting around a completely unknown city. The food was amazing, the school so welcoming. There is so much more..." - Lucie Wiedemann, International School of Augsburg.

"I really enjoyed meeting more art teachers around the world who were willing to share and wanted to see how you did one thing vs. another. SO great to hear how other people handled things and a reminder of how to change thinking." - Kirsten Palmer, International School of Prague.

"It's really great to get together as a community of art educators and to discuss what we do, challenges and solutions. This was very meaningful and I feel will have a huge impact on my teaching." - Laura Guay, American School of Riyadh.

"I have been the only art teacher at my (previous) school for so long, it felt so comforting as well as validating to interact with my 'tribe' of people. This was the best and most relevant professional development I have done." - Jolan Chien-Szegedy, International School of Budapest.

"There are no words to express how thankful I am. I feel so inspired and joyful. I have lots of ideas, projects and new ways of teaching that I will use in my classroom. I could write pages about all the learning and growth (I should, so I won't forget). - Ana Martinez Garcia, American School of Barcelona.

"My best takeaway was certainly about how much we can learn from one another and the depth and breadth of knowledge we can share." - Catlin Gaensler, American International School of Budapest.

"One of the best art teacher PDs I’ve been to. The hands-on activities throughout the city, material-rich art making opportunities in the art studios, and excellent enduring connections all led to helpful takeaways. Excited for Florence!"​ 

"I had an amazing time! It was so nice connecting with old friends and making new connections, lots of learning and creating. Thank you again!" - Klara Hermanek, American School of Doha, Qatar.

"Thank you all for the most enjoyable and inspiring PD of my career so far! Till the next year!" - Konstantina Kapanidou, Pinewood School, Greece.

"This was my first time at GATE. It was the best art education PD trip I've been to. Thank you so much, I look forward to the next!" - Celine Laheurte, American Overseas School of Rome.

"The structure was great. Learning time for the students but also learning time just for us. Time inside. Time outside. And of course, the time to just hang and get to know each other. It was very inspiring."​​

"The opportunity to choose from a wide range of unusual/useful/exciting workshops where I as a teacher would learn new hands-on skills to bring back to my students and colleagues. The chance for exploration at galleries and museums, using different ways of thinking about art and design. All the amazing conversations. Good food!"

"Many thanks to Tess and organisers for a successful weekend in a beautiful setting. Was great to see friends and colleagues from my previous lives, and meet new people too. Also to be doing what we all love to do, so much! Looking forward to the next GATE, wherever that might be!" - Helen Arnold, The Anglo-American School of Moscow.

"This was my first time going to an event full of art teachers, teachers like me, teachers I could learn and grow with, art teachers teaching art workshops. I cannot fully express what an incredible experience it was. So grateful for another step on my international teaching journey."- Mandy Goynes, The International School of Aberdeen, Scotland. 

Matisse's Studio in Collioure by Damian Elwes

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